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Quality control system

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     Our company has established a comprehensive quality management system with reference to the ICHQ7 guidelines and GMP regulations. Leaded by the Quality Assurance Department, all functional departments participate in the implementation of the entire process of product quality control, to minimize the quality risks of the company's products. Including the review of the order contract → the audit and management of the main raw material suppliers → application of raw materials, the evaluation of the research and development stage → the process of amplification control, the control of production process, The product passed the test, and the evaluation of customer satisfaction after sales and so on.
       Our company's quality management system is set up in QC and QA departments. Exercising the functions of quality inspection and quality supervision and management respectively.
       QC: Responsible for providing comprehensive analysis and testing of raw materials to products, including analytical method development and analytical method validation, analytical testing and release, impurity analysis, cleaning verification, and compound structure identification and so forth.
       QA: Responsible for establishing and improving the company's quality supervision system, and setting up full-time personnel to monitor and control the whole process from supplier evaluation of materials, procurement of raw materials, storage inspection, production process, finished product release, sales, and customer feedback.
       Our company often pays attention to the education of quality life awareness , regularly organizes the update training of relevant knowledge such as quality management, so that employees can deeply understand the importance of quality, spontaneously turn quality requirements into concept consciousness, and put into practical actions, building to good thinking and behavioral habits to ensure that the production of the company's products meets the norms and the quality is stable and reliable.

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